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A Book of Feasts, Recipes and Stories from American Celebrations

"There is a communion of more than our bodies when bread is broken and wine drunk"- M. F. K Fisher


"Live simply, but celebrate special occasions. -Horace


"Mention childhood celebrations to almost anyone and the memories spill forth. The first bite of that special chocolate birthday cake Mother spent two days preparing. The well worn family stories that aunts and uncles told around the table... The scent of cinnamon and almond filling the kitchen..the flowers, the candlelight, noodle pudding, hoppin'John, homemade pickles. The sounds, the smells and especially the tastes return as vividly as ever.


Why are we filled with longing when we recall these special memories? What is the magic of communal feasting that we find so nurturing?


These are the questions that inspired nearly three years of research and travel as we interviewed, photographed and feasted our way across the US. It was a journey of discovery..." -Introduction, A Book of Feastse describes your work in more detail.